Best Crock Pot Pot Roast

If you need to make a healthy dinner for your family, but do not have the time, then you may want to look into cooking in a crock pot. They cook your food extremely slowly, over the course of hours, but that allows you the time to do the prep work at night after things around your home have slowed down. You can start cooking first thing when you get up in the morning, and by the time you and your family return home in the evening your dinner will be made. There is nothing like walking in your door after a long day and have dinner ready and waiting for you.

There are many recipes that you can learn to cook in a crock pot. One of the best places to look is on the Internet. There are recipes for everyone from kids to vegetarians. Each day you can come home to a healthy meal that you had time to put together. Using a crock pot not only saves you time, but it will keep you from purchasing fast food.

Another advantage of cooking in a crock pot is that it is easy to clean. Typically, if you are preparing a meal at home on the stove top, you have numerous amounts of pans, lids, and utensils that have to be cleaned afterwards. If you use a crock pot, there is only the one pot to clean and whichever utensil that you used to stir the food. This saves you time because you do not have to wash a lot of dishes after you have finished your meal.

Crock pots are outstanding to use even in the summer to prepare delicious meals. If you use your oven, you will undoubtedly notice that it gives off quite a lot of heat. However, though the crock pot does give off some heat, it is nowhere near the amount that the oven gives off. This will help to keep your home a bit cooler in the summer when you are working on dinner. In the wintertime, if your home tends to get dry, you can easily solve this problem by using your crock pot. You can put a bit of water in it and turn it on. It will work as a humidifier to create moisture in your home. You do not even have to worry about your energy bill when using this appliance because they use an extremely minimal amount of energy.

best crock pot pot roast

24 thoughts on “Best Crock Pot Pot Roast

  1. How do you cook a pot roast in a crock pot?
    Okay so my dad is cooking a pot roast in our NEW crock pot (we are new at this) please tell us everything from what to put in with it, to how long to cook it. We need to know EVERYTHING! So please answer and remember we need to know everything from start to finish. Tell us what we need to put in, how to set the crock pot etc. Hope you can help :) Please answer ASAP!! thank you for reading:)

    • its easy! place roast in crock pot with 1/2 cup water, season with salt and pepper (or steak seasoning) place the lid on and turn the setting to high. dont peak too often! when you open the lid you let the heat escape. the cooking time depends on the size of the roast. you can cook it on high for 4-6 hrs. OR you can cook it on high for 2 hrs then turn it to low and cook for another 5. this is simple.
      You can add sliced mushrooms, sliced onions, chopped potatoes, baby carrots, sliced peppers, celery, a bay leaf, garlic cloves, fresh green beans, according to your tastes. just throw anything you want to cook in at the beginning. just be sure that there is enough liquid in the bottom of the pot, there usually is as the meat and anything else you put in there will emit its own liquid. good luck.

  2. How do you make pot roast in the crock pot?
    I have a pot roast, some little red potatoes, and some baby carrots I wanted to throw in the crock pot. I’ve never made this before. Do I put water in with it all, or what? Is pepper/salt good with it? How long should I leave it in the crock pot for?

    • It’s almost impossible to mess this up. Throw in some water (about 1/2) cup, and you’re set. Some people like to add the carrots a little later so they don’t overcook, but set the thing to low for all day (8-10 hours) or on high for at least 4-5 and you should be set. A little onion, salt, and pepper won’t hurt, either.

  3. Small Pot Roast, How long should i cook it on low in a crock pot?
    I have a small pot roast, only 1.5 lbs. How long should i cook it on low in a crock pot for?

    • on low for about five hours or high for three, add stock,wine,to water only needs about a cup of liquid

  4. Is it too late to put a pot roast in the crock pot?
    I want to make a pot roast for dinner, and I usually just do it in the oven, but I recently got a crock pot and I wanted to use it.
    Its 3:30pm now and I would like to eat by 7:30 or 8pm..
    Do I have enough time?
    Thanks guys!

    • Unfortunately no, a crock pot is a slow cooker, and requires usually 8-10 hours to fully cook the meat. If you are wanting to eat by 7-8, i would recommend putting it in the crock pot at about 11-12:00.

      Also, if you put it on high, you run the risk of overcooking the outside of the roast, and under-cooking the inside. Also high heat in a crock pot has a high risk of drying out the roast.

  5. If I used ONLY the seasoning mix from the bagged pot roast and used it in a crock pot?
    How would it come out? Has anyone tried this? I realize there’s crock pot seasoning mixes for pot roast but they’re hard to find sometimes.

    • Depending on your tastes… It would be too salty for me. I normally use no additional salt or sea salt, which is mild. If you’re used to high amounts of salt or processed foods, it could taste like it NEEDS salt. Also, I like things very strongly flavored, while my kids like things more bland. It could taste many different ways, depending on what you’re used to.

      Just give it a try!

  6. Can you add too much water to the Crock Pot for Pot Roast?
    I’ve been cooking a Pot Roast in the crock pot for about 3.5hr now. My mother always adds enough water to cover the meat, the recipe I’m using just calls for 1cup of water. But one Cup of water barely covered half the meat so i added about a half cup more & the meat still isn’t covered but a little more then half of the meat is covered..

    I was just wondering if you could add too much water?
    AND how do i know when the meat is done cooking?

    • It is possible to add too much water. When the meat cooks it releases it’s own juices and can cause the liquid to overflow. I’ve done it before. I only add one cup of water-actually I use campbells french onion soup, no extra water. You want just enough to keep the meat and veggies from sticking to the bottom. You will be able to tell when the meat is done when it easily falls apart. Pot roasts before cooked are really a tough cut of meat. So you really want to cook it long enough for it to easily fall apart. It usually takes about 6-8 hours on high in my crock pot, depending on how large the roast is.

  7. How do I cook a pork pot roast in the crock pot and how long?
    I want to make a pork pot roast in a crock pot with carrots and potatoes and all that good stuff. How do I do it? What exactly do I need to do and how long?

    • Pork can cook in 6 hours. Beef takes 8-10.

      A crock pot will NOT develop browned or carmalized flavors so it helps if you brown the roast first before putting it in the crock pot.

      Go buy plastic crock-pot liners. This makes cleanup a lot easier.

      I would NOT put the potatoes and carrots in the pot. Hours of cooking – and they all taste the same and look grey and dull.

      Roast the potatoes because this is easy and carrots – slice and into the microwave. This keeps the flavors and textures separate and the colors are better.

      Put in some big chunks of carrot, onion, a bay-leaf to help flavor the liquid and meat, but do not serve these ‘stewed’ vegetables. Strain the juice into a pan, skim off the fat and crank the heat to reduce the liquid by half. Make s slurry of flour & water and add to thicken and this gives you a gravy.

      I have done some really good Pork shoulders. I brine with liquid smoke, rinse and dry, dry dry, then mix more liquid smoke with yellow mustard which I spread over the pork. Then I sprinkle with a good BBQ pork rub that includes smoked paprika, then into the crock pot with the steamer basket upside down. 8 hours later the house is filled with smoky smell and the dog is very attentive.

  8. What’s the best way to prepare a Pot Roast in a Crock Pot?
    Don’t think I’m lame but I have never made a pot roast or used my Crock Pot.

    What type of Meat do I buy? (I like a leaner meat) How big should I get for about 5 people? What else do I put in it. Do I put it in frozen or thawed. How long do I leave it in?

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    • I prefer chuck roast or rump roast. You do not need an expensive piece of meat as slow cooking it will make it tender. I cook mine frozen that way the juices stay in the crock pot. A 3-4lb roast should feed 5 people. I start with dry onion soup mix, diced onions (some I leave big cuz they taste sooo good this way), bell pepper, carrots, celery, garlic, and about a cup of water. Cook on low for about 5 hours, try not to lift lid, then I add potatoes and more water if needed, cook about 3 more hours until meat is as tender as you’d like (it should shred with a fork). I serve mine directly from the crock pot, but some people like to put everything on a serving platter first. Have fun with your crock pot – they are great!!!

  9. What other meals can you make with a crock pot besides pot roast, chili or stew?
    I was just wondering what other meals I could make with the crock pot….seems like I only use it for stew, chili, or pot roast for a meals. What suggestions do you have?

    Thank you everyone in advanced. I love to cook so I am game for anything and I am not allergic to anything. The meal would also have to feed at least 4 people. Hope that helped! Best Wishes and Happy Holidays

    • Slow Cooker Cranberry Pork

      1 (16 ounce) can cranberry sauce
      1/3 cup French salad dressing
      1 onion, sliced
      1 (3 pound) boneless pork loin roast

      In a medium bowl, stir together the cranberry sauce, salad dressing, and onion. Place pork in a slow cooker, and cover with the sauce mixture.
      Cover, and cook on High for 4 hours, or on Low for 8 hours. Pork is done when the internal temperature has reached 160 degrees F (70 degrees C).

  10. I also Need a recipe? Can you cook an Eye round roast in a crock pot?
    I want to make pot roast? Is it better to cook in the oven or crock pot? Do you have a recipe for the best pot roast or eye round roast?

    • I had asked someone at the store about this, because I’ve gotten confused why some of the roasts at my supermarket are marked “oven roast” and some “pot roast.”

      The difference is that a roast that is meant for the oven is usually a better cut of meat and will be tender after oven cooking. A cheaper cut of meat is best used in a crock pot or as a pot roast (on top of the stove slowly).

      While the Eye Round will come out tender in the crock pot, it is a very good cut of meat. Speaking to the butcher at the market, he almost considered it a waste of good meat to pot roast (or slow cook) something that deserves to be in the oven.

      I hope this advice helps.

      Now, for recipes:
      If in a crockpot, certainly do the onion soup thing. It’s certainly easy and foolproof. Go easy on the water – a cup at most – because the roast will produce plently of liquid.

      In the oven, season the roast with salt and pepper. Use other spices if you like. You can surround the roast with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and onions. Onion soup with water over the top is nice for this method too. If you don’t want to use an oven bag, cover the roast with a foil tent for the first part of cooking. It will probably take a couple hours at 350, and I would uncover it for at least the last half hour.


  11. Has anyone ever made pot roast in the crock pot using mushroom soup?
    I’ve made pot roast in the crock pot once before using a rump roast and boullion and didn’t like the way it turned out. I’ve read that you can make it using a package of onion soup mix, a can of mushroom soup and a half cup of water. I have a chuck tender roast and I want to add carrots and potatoes. Would adding more onions make it too onion-y?

    • Nope! :)
      I myself have made this same recipe and added plenty of onions, garlic, and potatoes and it tasted just fine. I served it at a party and it was a hit! The onion soup mix and onions will only add flavor, and you can never get enough flavor! Plus they really complement each other! But the mushroom soup makes sure the onions don’t overpower the mix, if that makes sense. Ha-ha.

      Hope it works out to your liking! Good Luck!

  12. Poll: Wine or Water when slow cooking pot roast?
    I’m making a crock pot, pot roast today, and I saw that some recipes call for water, some for red wine. I have both, what are people’s opinions on what to use?

    Red Meat guy: Do you just put in a bottle of beer? I didn’t even think of that! We have plenty of Guinness here, and I may just do that instead!

    • To be honest…..Neither!

      I always use dark beer…Like Guiness….any Porter or Stout will work wonderfully… gives your roast a more meaty and rich taste….and like wine the alcohol cooks off.

      Even people who don’t like beer like Beef cooked in it……try it sometime!

      Now back to your question as answered….use wine….But make sure it is red wine as white will not add much in the way of flavor….PORT or Burgandy make for a great cooking companions to a nice Fatty Chuck Roast!….Mmmmmm

      Good Luck and Good Eats!

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